What we do


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Our services include the following:

   Pumping concrete and casting of concrete with the use of concrete pumps which makes it efficient, reliable and economical, we have two categories of concrete pumps, the land line pump(city pump) and the boom pumps machines. e.g

BOOM CONCRETE PUMP TRUCKS: the boom concrete pump are used to pump concrete to any building heights, slaps, medium high-rise buildings to large volume commercial and industrial projects

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Our boom have various size of configuration to suit any situation base on the rate of delivery, our boom pumps ranging from 40m3/hour to 180m3/hour output

LAND LINE PUMPS :  (city pumps) our land line concrete pumps are easily used where the site  is inaccessible to the concrete boom pumps, our line pumps comes either as truck mounted or trailer,our line concrete pumps can pump to a distances of 1000m horizontal

 Curing: we undertake the curing of casted site till the setting period of the concrete with our water tankers



Transportation: with our model concrete transit mixer truck with various volume ranging from 6m3 to 10m3 with an extension chutes that enables fast delivery of concrete to clients destinations in a fast manner due to our reliable and good condition of our trucks

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  Ready mix concrete: our batch plan is under construction